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Ocean-powered 17th October in Seville: Subsea Desalination and the Future of Solar & Agriculture!

Spain has been a leader in desalination since the 1960s. This year is the 50th anniversary of the International Desalination Association and this is being celebrated at the Seville Summit on Water and Climate Change !

It's a fitting location for our chat. Places like Almería, with its extensive greenhouses, benefit from Spain's innovative use of desalinated water in agriculture.

On Tuesday, October 17th at 11:30am, come to Salon Hispalis at the Alfonso XIII Hotel. Represented by Alexander Fuglesang (CEO), we'll be discussing the powerful trio: low-energy, chemical-free subsea desalination💧, solar energy☀️, and agriculture🌱.

See you in Seville for this enlightening discussion!👥

Event page with schedule:

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