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Flocean Desal 

A reliable, modular and easily scalable system that produces freshwater from the deep sea using proven subsea Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) technology. 


Typical clients include municipal, industrial or agricultural water users and are located by a coast with access to 300-600 meter water depth within 10km from shore.

The projects will usually have a long-term offtake agreement with a local public or private partner.  


Pod capacity:        7,500  m3/day
Plant size:                 1 to 8 Pods
Plant capacity:  < 52,500  m3/day

Pod size:                6m x 6m x 7m
Pod weight:                 ca.50 tons
Power use:         2.0 - 2.1 kWh/m3

Patent WO2022186698 (A1) 

Flocean Pod on Mudmat

Flocean Raw

A reliable, modular and easily scalable system that harvests clean, cold seawater from the deep ocean. 


Typical applications include seawater airconditioning (SWAC), where deep cold seawater acts as the chilling agent for a terrestrial closed-loop freshwater cooling system. This can save up to 85% of the power consumption of conventional chillers. Using a pump at the deep intake reduces SWAC system cost as subsea pipelines become significantly smaller and simpler.

SWAC schematic
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