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Powered by the Deep Ocean


Uses naturally clean and pressurized water at 400-600 meter ocean depth to produce freshwater using 40-50% less energy than conventional Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants. Also avoids chemical and brine discharge challenges. 


Who we are

FSubsea is the maker of the Flocean system. The company demerged from a 5-generation family business, in 2013.

Our mission with Flocean is to deliver affordable freshwater to people, farmers and industry in the most climate-smart and ocean-friendly way possible.  

We do this by harnessing the natural properties of deep ocean water, using technology developed by a team with more than 100 years of subsea processing experience.


Get affordable water reliably    -    Reduce emissions   -    Improve ocean health

Energy reduction

Reduction in energy use: 30-50%

The subsea reverse osmosis (RO) process is powered by the hydrostatic pressure of the deep sea, reducing power consumption compared to conventional plants.

At 500 meters of water depth, high-pressure feed water is freely available, surrounding the station. The main work is performed by the permeate (freshwater) pump, not a seawater feed pump.

Remove pre-treatment

Most pretreatment removed

More than 50-60% of a normal RO plant is dedicated to expensive pre-treatment processes, taking up land area and using chemicals. The lack of photosynthesis at the depth of the Flocean Pods results in significantly lower levels of bacteria, organics and biological matter which greatly simplifies the design and reliability of the pre-treatment system. 

Marine life

Green discharge
No chemicals

Traditional shallow-water discharge from RO plants has twice the salinity of the seawater and contains chemicals. Flocean has intake and discharge in the deep sea, in areas of low biological productivity. The discharge is chemical-free, low-salinity and and reaches ambient salinity before interacting with the seabed fauna and flora

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