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Subsea Desalination

Powered by the Ocean


million people

... live in areas of high and critical water stress 


billion people

... will lack safely managed drinking water by 2030


of all water

... is used in agricultrue


of all people

... live within 100km of an ocean or sea

Flocean subsea installation


Subsea desalination

Scalable to your needs

Fit and forget


6,250 - 50,000 m3/day

Size, WxBxH:

6x6x7 m

Weight, per pod:

50,000 kg

Energy Consumption:

2.0 - 2.5 kWh/m3

Deep Sea Advantages

Reduction in energy:

Most pretreatment removed

Zero chemical discharge:
Green brine

RO process is powered by the hydrostatic head of the deep sea, reducing power consumption with 30-50% compared to conventional terrestrial RO plants.

At 500 meters water depth, high pressure feed water is freely available, surrounding the station. The main work is performed by the permeate (fresh water) pump, not a seawater feed pump.

The lack of photosynthesis at the depth of installation results in significantly lower levels of bacteria, organics and colloidal / particulate matter which greatly simplifies the design of the pre-treatment system. In its simplest form, inlet pre-treatment can be expected to include an inlet screen and possibly a non-back washable guard filter.

The combination of discharge at deep sea, in areas of low biological productivity, with the brine being chemical free and close to ambient seawater salinity makes for a design that can operated with far lower environmental impact than that of conventional terrestrial SWRO plants.

Safe to the marine environment

Risk of impingement and entrainment of fish, larvae and other marine life is virtually eliminated by installation at 200 – 600 meters. The green brine discharge is also beneficial compared to conventional terrestrial plants.

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Flocean subsea desalination system
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