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About Us

FSubsea team celebrates shipment of Flocean plant

About Us

FSubsea is the maker of the Flocean system. The company demerged from Fuglesangs AS, a 5-generation Norwegian family business, in 2013. Every day of the week, we design and deliver the world's most climate-smart, cost-effective and robust subsea pumping systems, including Flocean. Our mission with Flocean is to deliver affordable freshwater to people, farmers and industry in the most climate-smart and ocean-friendly way possible.  We do this by harnessing the natural properties of deep ocean water, coupled with more than 100 years of subsea processing experience.

Division Manager, Global installer of subsea power cables

"Large subsea pumps are critical to our subsea trenching operations. FSubsea's pump systems outlast the previous equipment we had by more than a factor of 2"

The Water Challenge

Demand for water will outstrip supply by more than 40% in 2030, according to the Global Commission on the Economics of Water (March 2023). Alongside more careful consumption and water re-use, seawater desalination by reverse osmosis (SWRO) is a key part of the solution.


However, traditional SWRO plants are large, power-hungry and take up considerable land-area. In addition, most conventional plants have both seawater intake and chemical-containing brine discharge in the biologically active shallow water zones. This is why the world neads Flocean. 

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