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Who We Are

We are driven by a passion for creating positive change and addressing the global water crisis. We are committed to delivering effective and eco-friendly solutions to ensure a better future for generations to come.

Meet The Team

Alexander Fuglesang-CEO FLOCEAN.jpg

Alexander Fuglesang

Founder & CEO

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Birgitte Hjertum-CFO FLOCEAN.png

Birgitte Hjertum


Started on August 5, 2024

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Nils Halvor Heieren FLOCEAN_edited.jpg

Nils Halvor Heieren

VP Project Dev. & Strategy

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Christian Abelsson FLOCEAN_edited.png

Christian Abelsson

VP Technology & Products

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Solfrid Kolby Flocean_edited.png

Solfrid Kolby

VP Operations

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David Pinchin

Subsea Water Treatment Process Expert

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Erlend Mjaavatten Flocean.png

Erlend Mjaavatten

VP Digital Solutions

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Tommy Østerhus Flocean.jpg

Tommy Østerhus

Project Manager

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Thomas Navjord FLOCEAN.jpg

Thomas Navjord

Mechanical Design Supervisor

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Kendall Miller FLOCEAN_edited.png

Kendall Miller

Environmental Manager

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Knut A_edited.png

Knut A. Oppenhagen

Sales Manager & Kam

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Tor-Anders Rusvik​ FLOCEAN.png

Tor-Anders Rusvik​

System Analysis Engineer

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Iria Lojo FLOCEAN.png

Iria Lojo

Procurement Supervisor

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Markus Kristiansen FLOCEAN.jpg

Markus Kristiansen

Workshop Supervisor

Egil Heier FLOCEAN.png

Egil Heier

Industrial Data Scientist

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Emir Dzubur FLOCEAN.png

Emir Dzubur

Mechanical Designer

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Lars Erik Olsen FLOCEAN.png

Lars Erik Olsen

Project Engineer

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Aws Al-Saleem Flocean_edited.png

Aws Al-Saleem

Workshop Mechanic

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